Attain Significant Clinical Efficacy of Your TRP Pipeline by Matching Advances in Next Generation Targets With Innovations in Quantitative Imaging & Isotope Supply

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Optimizing Strategic Supply Practices, Radioisotope Production & Complex Manufacturing of Therapeutic α & β Emitting Radioligands to Efficiently Support Growing Demand For Patients in Need

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Welcome to the Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals Manufacturing and Supply Chain Summit 2023

The biggest challenges facing targeted radiopharmaceuticals are the highly complex processes associated with acquiring raw radioisotope APIs, the limited availability of these radionuclides, and getting whole-drug products to patients on time. This can’t be done alone! Abdera, Clarity, and Rayze have all recently landed landmark supply deals to fuel their clinical development and there are certainly more to come!

The Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals Manufacturing and Supply Chain Summit 2023 was the only industry-led meeting dedicated to plugging the gaps in radioisotope supply by developing new sources, designing manufacturing facilities that are scalable, and ensuring safety and quality through well-tested release criteria for whole drug products.

You missed the union of 80+ key stakeholders in CMC, quality assurance, operations, facility managers, and radiopharmacists to bring the targeted radiotherapies to the forefront of cancer treatment.

Capitalizing on the recent successes this space had over 2023, there has never been this amount of demand and excitement for the TRP community. Our audience took advantage of this platform to hear in-depth challenges and solutions in the global TRP manufacturing landscape.

Top 5 Benefits of Attending:


Establish more reliable supply chains to meet the needs of patients and the expectations of clinicians every time by implementing next-generation ordering systems, tracking technology and optimized processes with Bayer


Overcome stock issues of Lutetium and Actinium by taking advantage of the potential novel isotopes has, including Copper, Lead, Astatine, and Terbium with Convergent Therapeutics


Enhance the efficiency at your current sites, or scale up by learning from those that have led the way in GMP radiopharmaceutical manufacturing with Fusion Pharmaceuticals


Guarantee quality by updating your quality control release criteria with the most up-to-date information for a variety of isotopes, chelators and targeting systems with Radiomedix


Avoid making costly mistakes by ensuring you are up to date with rapidly changing regulations for isotopes, antibodies and whole drug products to avoid being slowed down with Earli

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