8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Production & Enrichment of Radionuclides for High Quality Medical Radionuclides

9:00 am Actinium Quality Control Processes

  • Diane Abou Assistant Professor at Washington University in ST. Louis and Lead Chemist at Curium, Washington University School of Medicine


  • Discuss the various experimental methods that are central to actinium quality control
  • Explore quality control issues pertaining to processing times, logistics, and contaminant detection

9:30 am Panel Discussion: The Difficulties of Small Company Manufacturing Scale Up Compared to Large Companies


  • Identify the challenges that are shared for all radiopharmaceutical developers
  • Discuss the issues and opportunities outsourcing offers different size companies
  • Look at how collaboration between CDMOs is different for small and large companies

10:30 am Morning Refreshment Break & Networking

Principles for Well-Designed Formulations that are Easy to Produce, Guarantee Quality & Are Safe to Produce

11:30 am Planning, Preparing & Executing Scale-Up of Radiopharmaceutical Manufacturing with Ease

  • Kevin Roland Vice-President Radiopharmaceuticals Manufacturing, Fusion Pharmaceuticals


  • Achieving a synergistic scale-up of supply chain systems in alignment with the growth of manufacturing output
  • Technologies and processes to support this process, as well as ensure quality is not impacted

12:00 pm Understanding Novel Conjugate Platforms for Enhanced Therapeutic Response & Manufacturing Ease


  • Evaluating the benefits of the novel Phospholipid Ether approach
  • Unique manufacturing challenges presented by this approach
  • Supply chain pros and cons related to non-radio components

12:30 pm Delving into Quality Assurance: Finding the Most Efficient Way Permit Release Quickly


Offer an overview of all the chemical and physical methods that go into confirming release, including:

  • HPLC
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Radioactivity
  • Discuss the key areas where quality assurance overlaps with safety
  • Explain the process that must be carried out in the event of a quality issues and how to efficiently analyse, identify and overcome a quality issue as efficiently as possible

1:00 pm Lunch Break & Networking

Globalizing & Financing Radiopharmaceutical Supply Chains to Meet the Needs of More Patients

2:00 pm Financing the Supply Chain: A Capital Markets Perspective

  • Kemp Dolliver Director of Research and Senior Analyst, Brookline Capital Markets


  • Investors’ views of opportunities in the supply chain sector
  • The state of the capital markets and financings for supply chain companies
  • Advice on presenting your company to potential investors 

2:30 pm A Commercial Perspective On Supply Requirements


  • How to balance competing business priorities related to supply
  • How to deal with complexity
  • How to reduce uncertainty through scenario planning

3:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Conference